Weekly Rewards

$5,000 worth of $UL to the champion of the week!
  • The weekly prize pool of $5000 worth of $UL tokens will be shared by the top 5 users in the weekly points ranking.
    1. $1,500 worth of $UL
    2. $1,250 worth of $UL
    3. $1,000 worth of $UL
    4. $750 worth of $UL
    5. $500 worth of $UL
    *Users with equal points will be evaluated according to the total number of goals scored by the players in their team.
  • The winners will be directed to the My Profile section of the application. The information in the profile must be filled in completely. The reward process will start when the user fills in his/her information. The prize will be sent to the Bep-20 wallet provided by the user when filling in their details.
  • For users who do not enter their information within 7 days, the reward will be canceled and will be given to the sixth player in the ranking.